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Transform Execution

different modes of transform execution

Running a transform script happens on a qri instance through both user invocation and automated execution.

Run Modes

Transform scripts can be run in two modes: apply, and commit.

Apply Run Mode

Applying a transform executes a transform script & returns the result as output. The result is not peristed within Qri. Apply mode is useful for developing transform scripts, where users need to "dry run" scripts in an iterate write-run-repeat loop.

By default the output of the Apply run mode is a dataset preview, with full output hidden behind configuration. This keeps memory overhead lower in the common dry-run use case. Apply run with full output is useful in situations where users want to use qri transforms as a code execution, storing outputs elsewhere.

Commit Run Mode

Saving a transform is exactly like apply, with the exception that a successful execution creates a new commit in the version history of the dataset.

Commt run mode can be initiated through either user invocation or an automation trigger. Automation triggers always run in commit mode.